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MICHELIN® Latitude Sport 3

Acclaimed for its driving dynamics and safety.

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Acclaimed for its driving dynamics and safety.

1.) Engineered to Excel in Wet Conditions
2.70 meters shorter braking distance compared to its predecessor thanks to a new tread compound and increased void ratio.

2.) Fuel Saving
25% Lower rolling resistance

Tire Sizes

235/65 R17 104W235/55 R18 100V235/50 R19 99W245/45 R20 103W265/40 R21 101Y
255/60 R17 106V235/55 R18 104V235/50 R19 103V255/45 R20 101W295/35 R21 103Y
275/55 R17 109V235/60 R18 103W235/55 R19 101W255/45 R20 105V295/35R21 107Y
255/55 R18 105W235/55 R19 101Y255/45 R20 105Y295/35 ZR21 107Y
255/55 R18 109V235/55 R19 105V255/45 ZR20 105Y315/40 R21 111Y
285/55 R18 113V235/65 R19 109V265/45 R20 104Y
245/50 R19 105W265/50 R20 111Y
255/50 R19 103Y275/40 R20 106W
255/50 R19 107W275/40 R20 106Y
255/55 ZR19 (111Y)275/45 R20 110V
265/50 R19 110W275/45 R20 110Y
265/50 R19 110Y275/50 R20 113W
275/45 R19 108Y285/40 ZR20 108Y
275/50 ZR19 (112Y)295/40 R20 106Y
285/45 R19 111W295/45 R20 110Y
295/45 R19 113Y315/35 R20 110W
315/35 R20 110Y

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